About us

Rock Solid Recruitment is a Recruitment Company located in Chelsea, London, United Kingdom. We have an unparalleled breadth of recruitment practice expertise coupled with deep industry specialism across Accountancy; Banking & Financial Services, Construction & Property Services, Engineering & Manufacturing, HR, Insurance, IT, Legal, Marketing, Multilingual, Office Support, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences, Medical, Public Sector, Sales, and Supply Chain.We provide our clients with permanent, temporary and contract talent across all verticals through tailored service solutions


We go the extra mile

We are tenacious and work harder to influence positive outcomes through inspiring colleagues, clients and candidates. We are accountable.



We respect all, are honest and have great pride in our purpose.


Team Work

We work as a team, achieve together and celebrate our success.



We are decisive in execution and get things done.

Why Use Rock Solid Recruitment?


There are many reasons why you should consider partnering with Rock Solid Recruitment for your next hire or recruitment project. We have a great track record, we are part of formal Preferred Supplier List (PSL) agreements to some of the UK's most well-known Companies. We are people who know your industry, our highly experienced staff recruits exclusively for niche verticals so are highly specialised and knowledgeable about your industry. Rock Solid Recruitment also has the highest ratio of equity employees. Our staff own the business so are invested in its success. Rock Solid Recruitment employs a high number of Certified Occupational Assessors to assist in the selection process of candidates.

Our Process


Candidate Sourcing

Given the specialism of our divisions and the concentrated industry focus of our consultants, we here at Rock Solid Recruitment are constantly scanning the market for talent and have carefully cultivated unique talent pools that will fit our clients' needs. This process not only speeds up the recruitment cycle, but also reduces costs. We're constantly looking for new and innovative ways to find our clients the right candidates and the following are a number of methods that we use as standard.



All candidates will be interviewed and screened by a Recruitment Consultant and fully informed about the position and background information on each client before being sent forward. All CV's presented to will be accompanied by a candidate profile. CVs are only sent with permission of candidate. Rock Solid Recruitment screen candidates based on the Capability Framework Model


Competency & Ability Fit

Candidates should be able to demonstrate ability and competency (identified from job spec) through giving real life examples of where they best demonstrated these competencies in previous jobs.


Cultural Fit

This is the collective behaviours, values and impact of people in the company. While candidate attitude is difficult to assess, our consultants are trained at interviewing to identify traits and personalities of individuals. Using this process we would align the cultural fit with the cultural objectives of your organisation.


Motivational Fit

Through quantifying questions we would assess the motivational fit and again align this with the objectives of your specific business. Candidates should express their desire to do the job in question within your business.


Interview Preparation

Requests by clients to arrange interviews will be prioritised and the candidates will be contacted as soon as is possible, after such a request is made. Candidates will then be prepared for interview. After the interview the candidate's consultant will call them to debrief them on the interview. Once feedback is collected it is passed to the Client for review. It is our policy to give candidates speedy feedback from interviews to ensure they have a positive experience with both Solid Rock Recruitment and your brand.

Candidate Charter

This Charter represents the commitment of Rock Solid Recruitment to provide the highest level of service delivery incorporating both transparency and accountability. Additionally, it represents our commitment to continuously improve the service we offer.

Commitment From Us

Our commitment to you includes the following;

  • To provide an open, honest and proactive approach to servicing your needs
  • To make every effort to understand your requirements and build a partnership based on mutual trust and honesty
  • To treat all information received with the utmost care and confidentiality
  • To supply feedback on content and presentation of CV if requested
  • To always obtain permission in advance of submitting your details to a client
  • To promote your interests' as favourably as possible based on information given
  • To contact you as soon as we have a relevant new vacancy, CV or interview feedback
  • To relay all feedback in a timely manner
  • To provide you with a thorough briefing in advance of attending a client interview
  • To ensure our recruitment practices are refined and constantly in line with any changing legislation
  • To ensure that any negative feedback is investigated with corrective action taken and faults eradicated
  • To act in a courteous, helpful and professional manner at all times

Commitment From You

What we require from you, our candidates, to enable us to provide you with the best possible service.

  • To provide honest and accurate information at all times
  • To honour any commitment made to attend an appointment with either Solid Rock Recruitment or a client company
  • To always provide us with as much notice as possible should you be unable to attend your registration appointment, a temporary assignment or a client interview
  • To treat any client information received in a discretionary and confidential manner
  • To act in a courteous and professional manner whilst dealing with either Solid Rock Recruitment or our client companies
  • To provide feedback when relevant