Recent Graduates

It is a tough market for graduates. Demonstrate good attitude, enthusiasm and determination. The world of business and college will be different but with the right attitude you can bring the best of both worlds together. Here are some tips to aid you in your job search.

Top Tips

  • Be prepared to tell your story to a prospective employer.
  • For would be graduates, make the most of your college experience - academics are important for sure, but so are all the extra-curricular activities which develop skills such as presentation, leadership and teaming, all of which are very valuable to employers.
  • What sets you apart from the others, what makes you a compelling employee over the competition? Do you have experience in business, think about participating in an internship programme.
  • Graduate recruitment is demand driven, don't wait for the demand - develop a compelling business case utilizing such initiatives as Work placement programme etc.
  • Show your eagerness by approaching companies directly. Find out who is responsible for hiring, email them to enquire about potential opportunities within their organisation and follow up with a phone call. Even though the company may not be recruiting at the moment, it will put you in mind for future roles or they may be able to direct you towards a company that is hiring.
  • A great way for getting your foot in the door is through an internship. Whether it be paid or an unpaid internship, you are gaining relevant experience and it may lead to a position in the end.